Upcoming Shows

Sat 21.30
Trad Session (Upstairs) with Michael Chang and Bill Wright

Sun 13.00
Sean Ryan and Mick Crehan and Guests

Sun 21.30
Greg Cotter and Mary Flanagan Country/Folk

Mon 21.30
Trad Session with Kevin Whelan and Freda Hatton

Tue 21.30
Trad Session with NUI,G Trad Society

Tue 21.30
Trad Session (Upstairs) with Mick Crehan and John O'Halloran.

Wed 21.30
Trad Session with Ailbhe O'Monach?in and John O'Halloran

Thu 21.30
Greg Cotter and Mary Flanagan Country/Folk

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Title : Fantastic! agjoesto, 2013-10-24
Review :
We in the "Gubbliners" from Norway wish to thank you for a wonderful time in the Crane Bar. We were listening to great trad music with an audience who came here to LISTEN.And we were so fortunate to perform some irish songs in our special way for you. We'll be back!! Greetings from Asgeir Gjostol,"Gubbliners",Smola,Norway
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